Judy McElroy

Judy McElroy
11730 Rd 40​
Gurley, NE
(308) 5249-1488

​Born and raised on Nebraska cattle ranches, I have a great love, respect, and total wonderment for nature, wide-open spaces, the land and its inhabitants, and the common yet actually extraordinary everyday happenings of them all. These are depicted almost exclusively in my artwork, which is accomplished in a realistic style.

​What makes me paint or draw a particular subject can vary. Sometimes I am so awed with a scene or its colors that I try to preserve it on paper or canvas. Other times I am so delighted with all the lights and darks, smooth and rough textures, and so forth, that I am compelled to see if my eyes can see it all and if my hands can record it. Overall, I simply try to pass on the humor, wholesomeness, beauty, and wonder of people, places, and events that I am encountering on life’s highways. Sharing wonders—what a joy!