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As a young boy my family traveled and camped all through the summers and their interest played a great role in my fascination with the beauty of the outdoors. I would watch my mother paint scenes and was fascinated how she did them. Later in life, I took some lessons from mom and I was hooked. I could hardly wait to start a new painting and watch it come to life. I began watching the PBS channel and read “how to paint” books. It started off as a hobby, and I then began squeezing it in between working 3 jobs, and raising a family of 5. I had discovered a new way of talking.

Art, like music, is a universal language. It has the ability to speak cross culturally surpassing all language and cultural boundaries. It can even speak to the very heart and soul of a person. My desire is that through my work, I can speak to others in a way that my words could never express. I want to speak to them in a way that touches who they are inside.