Debra Bruner

Debra Bruner Profile

Debra began drawing her favorite animals an early age. She sought out opportunities to learn new ways to create art experimenting with ceramics, leather, pencil and pastels. Debra attended Kendal School of Design while pursuing her degree in business finance at Aquinas College. It wasn’t until later in life that she began to paint in watercolors. Debra invested time with Mark Kohler, a master watercolorist in Texas. Mark influenced her style along with providing coaching in the basics of watercolor principles. Debra’s watercolor subjects are influenced by western and ranching culture and often feature ranching themes. This is the lifestyle she grew up with and continues living today. It is her hope you will see in her paintings, glimpses of her everyday ranching life that includes the animals she loves and the people she meets along the way. This painting titled,” I Hope We Dance”, provides an example of how and where she chooses her subjects. The reference photo was captured after a long day of branding, castrating and doctoring calves on her large cow, calf operation. Debra paints from real life events and experiences to capture the ranching culture. As you might suspect, horses are one of her favorite subjects.


Debra’s watercolor “I hope We Dance” is an award recognized watercolor. The Phippen Museum Western Art show in Prescott, Arizona awarded the painting third place in the Watercolor Division in 2021. Debra has been asked to return this year to the Phippen Museum western Art show. Additionally, she will have two paintings featured in the Phippen Awards Winners Show and Sale featured at the museum for the month of May 2022.