Jenny Johansen

Jenny Johansen

Jenny’s journey as an artist was ignited by her mesmerizing encounters with Utah’s captivating landscapes. In her artistic vision, she perceives each landscape as a living entity with it’s own soulful melody. Her artistic endeavor revolves around capturing these intricate rhythms and harmonious notes, translating them onto her copper canvases with an intimate connection.

Enthralled by the timeless allure of classic paintings adorning copper canvases, Jenny found herself irresistibly drawn to their innate luminance. This affinity led her to embrace copper as her preferred painting surface, a choice that has become synonymous with her artistic identity. Through the harmonious interplay of vivid pigments and the radiant qualities of copper, Jenny’s artworks resonate with a distinct symphony, a melodic resonance that truly flourishes when experienced first-hand.

Venture along uncharted paths, and you’ll discover Jenny navigating remote roads, immersing herself in the barren beauty of the desert, or perched upon lofty mountain summits. Here, she becomes an ardent observer of the ever-shifting dance of light, absorbing every nuance and capturing nature’s harmonic pulse.

Why paint on copper?

Copper has a rich historical legacy as one of the most steadfast substrates for oil painting. Its popularity spanned from the mid-sixteenth to the mid-eighteenth centuries, captivating masters across Europe and South America who recognized its compelling potential as a painting surface. The inherent qualities of copper – its hue, reflective properties, and luminosity – all became integral components of the artists’ palettes.

When I initially contemplated the notion of copper as a canvas, I was unaware of its extensive historical significance. It was only through subsequent research that I unearthed its profound lineage within the realm of oil painting. Observing these works firsthand in art museums underscored their uniqueness. Remarkably preserved, even after the passage of up to 350 years, these oil paintings exhibited virtually no signs of deterioration. This exploration into the nearly forgotten art form kindled my curiosity, prompting me to venture onto the smooth copper surface with my oil paints – a venture that, as expected, resonated deeply with me.

My artistic creations take shape upon a foundation of fiberglass core enveloped by a veneer of pure copper. This amalgamation bestows upon me both a sleek copper canvas and the unwavering stability imperative for an enduring masterpiece. Purposefully exposed “treated” segments of my compositions serve as deliberate highlights, preserving the innate radiance and luminous allure of copper.

In every stroke, my artworks become a symphony conducted upon copper’s illustrious history, ensuring that the harmony of artistic expression and the resilient spirit of copper endure the inexorable test of time.