Cheryl Keith

Cheryl Keith
P.O. Box 96
Thompson Falls, MT, 59873
(406) 827-3668

One medium isn’t enough for Cheryl Keith; the ambitious artist works in several including oils, pastels and leatherwork. “Working in more than one medium lets you expand your knowledge and creativity,” she says, “I use different mediums for different subjects. I’sd nice. I don’t get stuck in a rut.”

Keith is a native Montanan, born and raised in the northwest corner of the state. When she was fresh out of high school, a friend asked her to help make some belts for the local Angus Association and Herford Association. Keith enjoyed it so much that she pursued leatherwork as an art form while simultaneously developing her skills as a painter.

No matter her medium, Keith pays attention to de4tail. She says what her collectors enjoy about her work is her realistic depictions of her subjects and her effective use of colors (particularly contrasting colors).

Keith says her favorite subject is wildlife. She’s always had an interest in horses, and that love has spread out to all critters.