Albert Arlington Joransen

Albert Arlington Joransen Profile

Albert Arlington Joransen
4717 Sable Ridge Ct
Leesburg, FL 34748
(612) 865-1108

Albert Arlington Joransen was born into a loving family where his artistic talent was nurtured and allowed to grow.

In addition to a deeply rooted faith, pleasure in nature at the family cabin in northern Minnesota influences his work. Albert’s strict work habits are an integral part of his production. ‘I was once told an artist must paint to the end of his intelligence and stop. But you must push beyond your established boundaries in order to grow. The seed of discontent in one painting grows and blossoms into a flower in the next painting, bearing fruit for many years. With vision expanded, new subjects continue to reveal themselves.’ He always has 10-15 works in progress.

Whatever the the subject he is painting, he allows the mood of it to dictate his style. Bold and energetic designs enliven the subjects into symbolic language.

His reply when asked which one is his favorite painting is ‘My next one’. Each new idea consumes him with an all encompassing passion and drives him to new heights in his artistic endeavors.

A professional artist since the mid 70’s, Albert paints in a studio reminiscent of the north woods cabin.