Bailey Miller

Bailey Miller Profile

Born and raised in California, painter Bailey Miller has always had nature right at her back door. Her exploration began with road trips along Highway 1, backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and progressed into adventures that crossed state lines which led her to her new home in Idaho. Nature has continually had her heart. She was born with a soul for adventure, eager to see the sublime, untouched beauty of God’s creation.

Bailey has always been an artist but did not pick up painting until her freshman year of college. It wasn’t long before she started painting landscapes from all of the beautiful places she explored. During college, she had the opportunity to explore much of California which sparked her love for painting her adventures.

She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Fine Arts. During her education, she explored many avenues in the art world, dabbling in animation, illustration, sculpting, drawing, and of course, painting. The various disciplines allowed Bailey to refine her talents and approach painting with a greater understanding of techniques and the use of color.

Bailey began her career as a fine artist while living in Grover Beach, California after college by participating in local art fairs, solo exhibitions and a county wide open studios tour. While inspiration for a landscape painter is endless on the central coast, the opportunities for an artist in southern California beckoned. She has since participated in gallery exhibitions throughout Orange County, obtained a residency within the Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach, as well as participated in the internationally juried Laguna Art-A-Fair for numerous years. Upon relocating to Idaho, she has begun participating in fine art shows throughout the Northwest as well as gallery exhibitions.

Her love of nature and adventure go hand in hand with her passion for painting. With every hike and outdoor exploration, Bailey’s desire to paint grows. Bailey loves how a painting has the ability to bring to life the memories of an adventure even after it is over. So many paintings she has done over the years have been glimpses into past experiences: a moment of absolute peace on her hike up Mount Whitney, an unforgettable beach scene from a tropical getaway with her family… and the list could go on.

Many works of art are created to reach large groups, be understood by the masses; however, Bailey takes a slightly different approach. With her creations, she aims to capture a moment for you, a personal memento that embodies your own special place in time… or hers. She thrives on the joy derived from the unexpected discoveries, the once in a lifetime views and the unforgettable triumphs.

Bailey hopes that no matter how small your adventures may seem that you always remember to collect those moments, whether in a photo album, a jar, or a painting… Collect them and hold them close, for they are the beams of light that remind us of how good life is, and just how bright and beautiful this world is.

…the sea shell from the quiet walk through the fog on Marina State Beach, the family photos on the houseboat at Lake McClure, a scoop of gravel from the summit of your highest hiked peak, the painting of the alpine glow lighting up the sky as you finish your final day of a backpacking in your favorite mountain range…