Diana Roen

Diana Roen Profile

Diana Roen
139 XZ Ranch Drive
Stanford, MT 59479
(406) 566-2336

Several times, Diana Roen has been asked if she always wanted to be an artist. The truth is she had no clue. Her desire and determination to create a good painting led her to take as many classes as she possibly could at a time when she was raising three children and helping her husband manage a ranch. The unpredictable life of a ranch mother allowed her to look at life through an artist’s eye; things are ever changing so she works to capture moments on canvas!

Landscape, animals, and people are subjects of Diana Roen’s paintings, which are mostly created with soil. The soil is ground very fine, combined with a binder, and used as a medium on watercolor paper. Diana has painted for many years with oils and watercolors but has found soil a fascinating new challenge.

Art has become a large part of her life, with her favorite subjects including people, scenery, wildlife and flowers. Her work can be found in the Basin Gallery in Stanford and at a number of shows around Montana including the annual Stanford Stampede Quick Draw and Art Auction.