Rilie Tane

Rilie Tane Profile

Rilie Tane (Zumbrennen) is a pyrography artist, loving wife and mother, as well as a kindergarten through eighth grade art teacher in Billings, Montana. She has spent most of her life drawing and painting with acrylic paints. In 2017, she was inspired by another artist to try pyrography. Her artwork reflects the western style of Montana with a modern feel. Born and raised in Montana, Rilie has been influenced by the beauty of the outdoors. She enjoys wood burning animals and landscapes the most. Wood burning allows her to give more texture to her pieces, rather than using paint alone. Pyrography has allowed her creativity to grow immensely because when she makes a mistake, she cannot erase, she is forced to transform the mistake into something beautiful. As an artist, she is interested in creating works that allow viewers to relate to the same extent as her involvement in each piece.

My artwork is carefully designed using a soldering tool with different tips and a soldering torch. Most pieces have a touch of acrylic paint for accent. Some of my artwork is fully painted in acrylic paints, but most are pyrography. Some pieces are carved by using a Dremel tool as well. I use a variety of wood types depending on the shape and size of the piece. My husband custom frames my artwork to give a beautiful finish to each piece.