Lori Twiggs

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Lori Twiggs
40405 256th Ave SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022

Lori Twiggs is a fine art oil painter specializing in floral still life.

She developed a sense of quiet drama in her work through years of study exploring various palettes, atmospheric, hazy backgrounds and concepts that are peaceful and introspective. A familiar thread began to show up in all her work. This thread, a focus on shadow and light with a hazy atmosphere, gives her work a calm, old worldly feel.

Working from concepts such as tranquility, mystery, passion and intrigue, convey a sense of intimacy and connection with you, the viewer. Each painting, with its own character, makes its own statement; a nonverbal conversation between painting and you. Whether quietly introspective or explosive in contrast her paintings are more than just pretty pictures or a piece to match the couch. They set the mood for a space.

“Sure, I want pretty pictures… but more than that I want my art to slow you down, take your attention away from your cell phone and email and take you to a quiet space even if momentarily. I think we desperately need that now.”