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3223 LeGrande Cannon Blvd.
Helena, Montana 59601
(406) 449-3496

Paul Graham was born in Helena, Montana in 1967. He was raised in the Helena area and currently lives with his wife Beckie and daughter Chase in the mountains near Helena.
As a fourth-generation Montanan, Graham naturally acquired a passion for the outdoors. An artist since childhood, he is continually influenced by the freedom and beauty of the mountains and wildlife around him. Whether it’s a fishing trip on the Missouri, a white-water rafting trip, or working with his wife on their small mountain ranch, each day brings new ideas for another unique creation.

Graham has worked in several mediums including oils, clay, photography, and stained glass. In 1997, he completed a one-year internship in stained glass and worked as a teaching assistant at Carroll College, a Catholic liberal arts college in Helena. In early 1998, Graham discovered his process of combining sculpted molten metal and bent stained glass in a single piece. Graham experimented with abstract designs, and eventually began to sculpt images. In November 1998, his dream of becoming a full time artist became a reality when he resigned from his position as Financial Director of the Airport Authority.

Graham has expanded designs to include plates, antler pieces, free standing sculpture, and chandeliers. He has also developed a complete line of fused glass pieces. Although his process is just a few years old, Graham’s work has been accepted in galleries and shows across the United States . He has displayed at several national shows across the northwest. Graham is also a supporter of many local organizations.

Graham feels extremely blessed that God gave him the ability to create. He plans on using his talent as he works toward his life-long goal, to be happy and decorate the lives of others.