Angela Smith

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Angela Smith
604 W Pennsylvania Ave
Anaconda, MT 59711

I’m a western and wildlife artist from Anaconda, Montana. Since childhood I’ve had an obsession and deep connection with wild things and wild places. This fascination led me to a career in natural resources that has spanned over two decades and continues today. My passion for the outdoors drives my artwork which is heavily inspired by western lifestyle, mountains, water, fish and wildlife. Besides making art, I spend my free time pursuing interests that keep me outdoors and immersed in natural places.

I use multiple mediums and surfaces, chosen depending on subject, mood, brilliance and the amount of detail I hope to convey. I use soft pastels, oils, acrylics, charcoal and colored pencil and traditional surfaces like paper and canvas. I have also developed a fondness for creating unique artwork by painting on and incorporating found objects like driftwood, stone and metal (which happily supplies an outlet for the “treasures” I collect).

My immense curiosity about nature and a variety of mediums and surfaces means my work is continually evolving – I see mine as a journey of discovery rather than a destination of mastery over a particular subject or art form. I love to get lost in detail, color, light and shadow and tend to bend those elements just beyond reality.

My admiration for life in the west, landscapes, fish and wildlife is obvious in my work. The awe- inspiring beauty and magic in nature is what makes life worth living. My hope is to convey a feeling of awe to anyone observing my work – perhaps they will be inspired to look a little closer or pause a moment longer to appreciate the natural world.