Christy Daniels

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Christy Daniels
17493 West Nine Mile Road
Huson, MT 59846

Christy Daniels is a self-taught sculptor. Born in Fargo, ND in 1968, Christy was raised and has lived in Montana since 1970.

Christy had her first sculpture cast in bronze when she was 17, in 1985. Since then her career has slowly built a head of steam holding a back seat only to her family.

In 2002 Christy began her showing at the Kalispel Western Artists Show and has since shown in many shows and gatherings throughout the west. Currently Christy has shows scheduled for 2022 in Great Falls, Montana, Cody, Wyoming, Missoula, Montana and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Christy’s understanding of an animals body language and emotions comes across in her sculpting and helps her to tell a story in her art which is a sort of three dimensional snap shot. In addition to body language and conformation Christy feels “the look in the eye” of her animals is key to drawing the viewer into the story.

Christy loves to share her vision with others but even better for her is when the viewer shares the emotion and imagination that her work evokes. “I love to tell a story with each of my pieces but touching the heart of the one viewing these pieces is the most important part. Quite often the stories they “read” in my art are not the same stories I had in mind. That is a good thing. They are making the piece their own.”

Christy believes that God is the ultimate artist who never fails to amaze and inspire her.