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Kimberly Bowen

Kimberly’s compilation of subjects includes western and wildlife paintings depicting a rather contemporary modern, new-west spirit. Her work has evolved over the past 25 years into a non-traditional progressive twist of the American west along with other renditions that capture her interests.

Using a mixture of artistic expressions, Kimberly creates an illusion of the subject rather than the full specifics. She combines a mixture of realism, impressionistic and near abstract strokes. She feels this technique enables her viewer plenty of room to interpret and access the painting through their own imagination.

Throughout her career, horses were the biggest source of inspiration. Over time, she has turned her attention to many other subjects: Native Americans, cowboys, mountain men, bison, and landscapes now grace her easel and have become the central themes. Her use of acrylic paints, texture and a palette of earth tone colors brings warmth and life to every painting.

Her originals and prints can be viewed in a few select galleries and showrooms.

Kimberly’s work is also displayed in private and corporate collections throughout the US. Her work has also graced the cover of a recently published book. She paints year-round in her Colorado home studio where she lives with her husband Dave and her son Cameron who remain her biggest supporters and constant sources of inspiration.