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Truong Buu Giam
14116 Tiffany Dr
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God. Nature. Artist. and artist he is.

One can feel a deep faith radiant from the life story of this Vietnamese American, Truong Buu Giam, as firm as his handshake; as extraordinary as his brush strokes; as brilliant as his unique, personal discovery of mixed media colors.

The Vietnam War ended on the last day of April, 1975, but the struggle for life began anew for countless refugees whose hearts hunger for freedom, leaving behind every piece of personal possession, and the country of birth. Truong Buu Giam was fortunate to be embraced by this precious freedom, without which his gifted art can never be nurtured and cannot survive. His paintings now soar spiritually above the corners of America and around the world.

Truong Buu Giam was born on Christmas Eve, 1948, in the province of Bên Tre, South Vietnam. His parents felt grateful on the birth of their fifth child. They named the infant Buu Giam with a fateful meaning: Preserving the Precious and the Beautiful. Already in elementary school, his teachers loved to have him come to the chalkboard and draw pictures so other children could copy. A well-known artist after successful exhibitions in his hometown, Giam was admitted to the National Ecole Superieure of Fine Arts in Saigon, the first and foremost school of fine arts in South Vietnam. Giam graduated in 1970.

The patriotic debt was due after graduation. The artist joined the South Vietnam Navy, fighting the communists from the North. Life on board a battleship, with its moments of terror, did not prevent the artist from capturing on canvas the beauty of the deep blue ocean.

Giam cherished the memory in which he once confused his new benevolent American friends about his being a painter (un peintre). They sought out a new job for Giam, as a painter painting apartments!

Life is not without many ups and downs for Giam. His achievements have always been blessed, in his thinking and in his heart. His technique is reminiscent of the spirit of the Oriental art passed on for thousands of years and he blends it within the Western culture. Giam has won awards of excellence. His works were published by international publishers and exhibited and sold around the world.

Three decades have come and gone. This artist stands among the best.

Art Exhibition Awards and Achievement
2004: Feature Artist of Arts in the Park, Boulder City, NV.
2004: Gold Medallist of Wildlife Arts Festival, San Dimas, CA.
1997: Art Exhibition and Honorable Winner of “A Celebration of Colors” – Singapore.
1996: Art Exhibition at Art Expo – Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY.
1994: “Golden Sky” a project recipient and winner of Award of Excellence and Certificate of Merit.
1994: International Graphics Arts Awards – sponsored by Printing Industries of America.
1992: Art Exhibition at Art Expo – California – Los Angeles Convention Center, CA.
1981: Art Exhibition at Cleveland, Ohio – sponsored by Northern Ohio Vietnam Veterans of America.
1980: Art Exhibition at the Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN.
1979: Award winner of Century 21’s Greeting Card Design. Art Exhibitions at University of Minnesota, Saint Paul-Minneapolis, MN.
1977: Commissioned to create a poster of 70 portraits of prominent Minnesotans to celebrate Minnesota Homecoming Festival.
1977: Graduated from Votech Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota in Commercial Art to supplement his established Fine Art training.
1976: Art Exhibition at the Festival of Nations – Civic Center, Saint Paul, MN.
1970: Graduated from Ecole Superior of Fine Art, Saigon, South VN.